Extra Virgin Olive Oil

From the secular olive trees located in our estates, we produce this superior level Extra Virgin Olive Oil, obtained with only mechanic procedures. Fresh and fruity, but with also a good structure.


Year: 2013

Varieties: Grignan, Favarol e Leccino

Output: 12 – 15 %

Free acidity: 0,1% of oleic acid

Number of peroxides: 11,8 meq O2/kg

K232: 1,77

ΔK: <0,01 K270: 0,15

Colour: Golden green when it’s raw, more clear and limpid when it’s filtered

Smell: Fresh and fragrant

Taste: at first with spicy notes, and then when it is hand filtered it creates a unique delicacy.

Consume: one year after the bottling

Matches: oil that can be enjoyed alone or together with both raw and cooked recipes

Format: 750ml bottles, 5l cans