Amarone “Casa Erbisti”

The diamond of Valpolicella, rich of spicy, warm and harmonious traits.


Vine breeding tradition: Pergola Veronese

Grape varieties: 55% Corvina, 25% Corvinone e 15% Rondinella plus 5% other varieties

Must-to-fruit ratio: 24 Hl/Ha

Alcohol: 15,50% Vol

Total dry extract: 40 g/L

Sugars: 9,0 g/L

Total acidity: 5,30 g/L

Visual examination: Very intense red, with garnet reflections

Olfactory analysis: Hints of fruit passed on spirits, and flavours of tobacco and spices due to the noble rots developed during the withering

Taste: fully Fully fruity, smooth, soft and warm. Strong scent, that makes this wine Valpolicella’s flagship

Serve at: 18 – 20°C

Food pairing: All types of meat recipes, seasoned cheese and, if spicy, also with dessert .

Format: 750ml icon_43662

The best grapes harvested, after a 100 – 120 days withering, or when the grapes have lost 30 – 40% of their weight in water, are gently crushed and slowly fermented, at controlled temperature of 15 – 17°C; the obtained wine is put to rest and age in 500-litre tonneau for 36 months.